I have always enjoyed exploring antique malls, flea markets and auctions. I have always been drawn to the old photographs that have some how ended up for sale in these random places. To me they tell a sad story and leave many unanswered questions. All of my family photographs that I have, some of great grandparents that I was never able to know, are so very important to me for they are all that I have showing me who these people were. I cannot imagine all of these images of my family that I have one day ending up in a box for strangers to sort through, all priced at .50 each. Each one of these original photographs, some over 100 years old, leaves whoever decides to pick one up and examine it the opportunity to imagine the story behind it.

For this series of photographs I have decided to combine my recently captured images with the old photos that I purchased on a trip to an antique market. My idea was to create a sense of fear and uneasiness with my constructed photos. To me there is already a creepiness to each one of the original photographs that is immediately present just because of the age of the images.To push this even more I have added an object such as a kitchen knife or ax into the persons hand. I have combined these images with those taken on a recent exploration around St. Joseph, MO and Atchison, KS. I found places to photograph that would blend well with the older photos and then slightly adjusted the color of each one of my images.

My hope for this series of photos is to leave the viewer guessing what has happened or what will happen next.


The Black Dollia ~ A Work of Fiction

Documentary of a Super Saver!

A Day at the Festival with my Diana F+

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Photography In the Dark

For this project I traveled around town looking for some dark interesting places at night. With a slow shutter speed and minimal light in the distance these are some of the images I was able to capture!

The Color of Light

Pink Is My Favorite Color